Temper Temper Sharing Bars

Temper Temper Sharing Bars


Sharing Chocolate Bar- available in either White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate 60% or Dark Chocolate 80%

  • Fruit and Nut Bar- may contain a selection of Apricots, Cherries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Raisins, Pistachios,Cashew Nuts, Cranberries & Almond.
  • Sweet Bar-  may contain a selection of Coke Bottles, Gummy Bears, Hearts, Cherries, Jelly Beans, Rings, Fried Eggs, Marshmellows, Jelly Babies, Millions. (Gelatine, Gluten)
  • Chocolate Bar-  may contain a selection of Flakes, Mars Bars, Twix, Maltesers, Caramel, Honeycomb, Aero, Mini Eggs, Smarties. (Dairy, Gluten, Gelatine)
  • Vegetarian bar-  may contain a selection of Smarties, Mini Eggs, Millions, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Raisins
  • Crushed Mini Eggs


*Manufactured on a premises that handles nuts on a regular basis. We therefore cannot guarantee there will be no traces within our products.


Please state at the checkout topping and choice of chocolate

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