Maidstone Distillery Toffee Liqueur 5cl

Maidstone Distillery Toffee Liqueur 5cl


After opening a grocery shop in 1876, Edward Sharp began experimenting with confectionary. He had built such a strong reputation for his sweets , that in 1912 he installed his “Kreemy Works” factory. A real life “Willy Wonka”, his hugely popular toffee led Maidstone to be the largest manufacturer in the world. His toffee, known for its smooth and creamy taste, inspired this delectable and indulgent liqueur. Delicious served as a digestif over ice or an irresistible treat in cocktails, hot drinks and desserts.


Traditionally distilled with select botanicals to create a base of delicate spice, with hints of orange, vanilla and butter, before being expertly blended with a secret toffee recipe.


Vegan friendly recipe.


Each bottle is finished by hand, with handwritten batch and bottle number.