Greensand Rye Cask Gin 50cl

Greensand Rye Cask Gin 50cl


Rye Cask Gin is a rare and unique expression of what a cask-aged gin can truly be.  Of all our spirits it has the most robust flavour, the biggest mouthfeel and the greatest complexity, even in a spirit that is as smooth and silky as honey. 

Firstly they distil their multi-award winning London Dry Gin with a slightly altered recipe to add a little more citrusy brightness and moderate some of the woody elements of the unaged release.

They then age the spirit in Rye Whiskey casks for ten months. The Rye cask is the perfect complement to our gin, bringing a warm fruityness and a dry spiciness to our already complex and smooth spirit.

Most cask gins are put into tiny barrels which imparts a flavour in weeks. We opt to mature in 220 litre hogshead casks which necessitates a longer maturation period to get a balanced flavour but brings a much richer and far more complex character from the toasted barrels.