Brisket & Barrel Smoked Ketchup

Brisket & Barrel Smoked Ketchup


Exceptionally tasty ketchup with an original smoked flavour. This smoky ketchup sauce can be used for any dish. Dollop on meats, sausages or even cheese...

A tasty ketchup sauce with a delicious rich smoke flavour. Excellent as smoky ketchup or a smoked tomato sauce. An easy way to transform any meal with this gourmet ketchup. Give a generous dollop to meat, sausages, fries or even cheese!


Ketchup vs Sauce?
Technically speaking ketchup is a table sauce. However, some say that ketchup should never be heated, and a tomato sauce should never have vinegar or sugar? Well, whatever you prefer to call it our we hope you enjoy our Smoky Ketchup Sauce!


Ingredients: Tomatoes (61%), white wine vinegar, golden syrup, mustard*, natural smoke flavouring, sugar, dehydrated onion, salt, dehydrated garlic*, spices.